Letter: Marin leads with transparency

Published 8:17 pm Wednesday, October 3, 2018

When I heard that George Marin was running for mayor in his home city of Albert Lea, I met the news with my complete support. I have had the honor of working with George in the nonprofit sector and have gained tremendously from his willingness to mentor me through my role as both a small business owner and non profit executive director.

Through our joint collaboration in humanitarian work, George Marin has shown time and time again that he holds a unique ability to be a leader who can empower a diverse cross section of people while remaining ethical, fair and for the best interests of the people.

With George Marin as mayor, Albert Lea will have a leader who leads with integrity and transparency and who keeps the interest of the people at the center of his role. It has been an honor to work with George Marin, and it is with great hope that the citizens of Albert Lea will offer him the opportunity to lead the city into a positive and thriving future.

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Sarah Overbey

San Diego, California