Letter: One man’s opinion

Published 8:45 pm Thursday, October 4, 2018

Most people reading my political musings assume I’ve been a hardcore conservative my entire life. Nothing is further from the truth. I was a loyal, active Democrat for 40 years, then my Democrat party moved left, abandoning me. I’ll wager that if the average Democrat fully understood the radical lefts agenda, they, too, would realize their beliefs have become irrelevant.

Radical Democrats are doing everything possible to remove every vestige of Christianity and God from the public domain. Many leading Democrats in this country are openly antagonistic toward Christianity. The elimination of religion is the first step toward establishing socialism.

Life begins at conception. I consider life sacred. This is not religious dogma, but scientific fact. I once supported a woman’s right to abortion, but come to realize that with the level of sex education, the accessibility of before and after the act contraception, there is no reason for an unwanted pregnancy. Liberals neither believe life is scared or that a woman is, in part, responsible for her actions.

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I am not a religious zealot, but I don’t understand how can any self-respecting Democrat can support radical polices of the Democratic Party and call themselves Christian! I realize this statement will cause howls of protest. So be it!

Radical liberals don’t believe in free speech or open public discourse, fully support violent protesters, who’s only goal is shutting down free speech and forcing their myopic views on all Americans. These protesters/rioters are often coordinated and paid by socialist puppeteers.

Tensions between races and sexes are greater now than in generations. Democrats play the race, sex and fear cards whenever challenged, firmly believing that by turning Americans against one another they win.

Most Democrats blindly support liberal social welfare programs. There are those that society must care for. A helping hand in times of need is essential, but for the able-bodied, these programs are simply the new form of slavery. Once you are in the system, it’s often a life sentence.

The left’s mantra remains “vote for us; we’ll take care of you.”

Our schools are overwhelmed with liberal instructors. From kindergarten through college, our youth are indoctrinated. It should surprise no one when our young people believe what they have been taught. It takes the wisdom that comes with age to reject what you were taught in school.

Free enterprise and capitalism are the foundations that America was founded upon and are now considered vile concepts. Socialism is the left’s new vision for America.

Because of the tax cuts, regulation rollback and sound business policies, America is booming once again, there are job openings everywhere, wages are going up, consumer confidence is back.

Discussions now underway for the denuclearization of North Korea, something every president over the past 40 years said was impossible. Only Trump had the courage to call North Korean’s bluff. If successful, this will be the most important diplomatic breakthrough in generations!

America will survive only if America’s silent majority stands up.

Don Sorensen

Albert Lea