Letter: Put Gjersvik to work for us

Published 9:55 pm Monday, October 29, 2018

I read with interest a current article outlining why we should vote for Peggy Bennett. It said that Peggy authored legislation this session to help rural areas address their health care needs. It also said Peggy supports education, which makes sense — she is a teacher. However, Terry, not Peggy, is endorsed by Education Minnesota. Peggy has come out in favor of vouchers, getting rid of tenure and voted for the current licensing system that allows untrained teachers into the classroom and also voted against a 2 percent raise for our public employees. The teachers union is not in favor of any of this, and as Terry is a teacher, and has the endorsement for Education Minnesota, I believe he would be the better voice for them. Also, Peggy has authored legislation that created tax incentives to health care providers that located in rural communities. However, she did not turn in the bill as a standalone bill; she turned it in with a large omnibus bill at the end of the session, which Gov. Dayton rightfully vetoed, as this is not a responsible way to govern. The 990-page bill was turned in on the last day of session. Nobody could read through it. They passed it anyway, and Gov. Dayton vetoed it just as promised. Now, while Peggy certainly did not cause this dysfunction, she has in her literature that she authored this bill, which she did, but knew it didn’t have a chance of passing as it was mixed in with everything else and turned in at the last possible minute. Let’s put Terry to work for us. I know he will work hard, work with both parties and find solutions to the issues that matter to all of us.

Susan Runden


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