Letter: Rasmussen has a plan for future of Albert Lea

Published 9:54 pm Monday, October 29, 2018

This is in response to literature received from George Marin, candidate for mayor of Albert Lea, which states he would like to hear from us. George says:

“Prioritize” — Mayor Rasmussen and the City Council have very clearly set and communicated priorities. Our local businesses are his priority. Look around and see what he has prioritized, for example our downtown and Zumbro River Brand. These have grown our community from within while also working with all present, past and future businesses. Mayor Rasmussen has always said that we need to grow our businesses from within. Supporting our health care — the city staff, at the direction of Mayor Rasmussen and the City Council have supported that initiative.

“Preserve” — Mayor Rasmussen has repeatedly shared how much the tax base has grown because of the downtown revitalization, which Mr. Marin voted against. Mayor Rasmussen always supports retaining the youth of our community and their talents.

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“Progress” — Mayor Rasmussen, the City Council and city staff have pulled together our city, county and schools. Just one example is the new fire station to support our full-time fire department through collaboration with the Police Department and county Sheriff’s Office, which centralizes our emergency response services. Albert Lea citizens strongly supported a full-time fire department, which was approved by the mayor and council. Contrary to what George would have you believe, this was not staff-driven, but a collaborative effort by the citizens, Mayor Rasmussen, the City Council and city staff. The full-time fire department benefits all citizens. Our city staff always looks to the citizens of Albert Lea and the City Council for direction.

George Marin has no “plan.” He has not shared any plans for how he will accomplish what he says he will do. Mayor Rasmussen has a “plan for carrying out the initiatives that are set in cooperation with the City Council. The city has a 10-year plan for funding and completing needed projects. Maybe George should pay attention.

Mayor Rasmussen, the City Council and city staff do not need to bring back common sense; they already have common sense and a plan. For the city of Albert Lea to continue to progress and move forward, re-elect Mayor Rasmussen and support your dedicated, hardworking City Council members and city staff.

Luverne R. Rasmussen Sr.

Albert Lea