Letter: Rasmussen is right person for mayor

Published 8:57 pm Monday, October 15, 2018

Vern Rasmussen Jr. is the right person for mayor. He will continue to lead our city in a positive fashion. Recently released results of our most recent city survey indicated that the citizens of Albert Lea have had a 5 percent increase in their quality of life since the last survey three years ago.

Vern has taken the time to develop relationships with community groups, state representatives, state senators and the governor’s office. When Mr. Marin was last in office in 2012, he failed to attend City Council meetings or workshops 57 of the possible 208 times. That’s a sharp contrast.

The positivity in our community is palpable. We were ranked by Realtor.com as one of the top 10 “most affordable small towns in America you’d actually want to live in.” The downtown revitalization, cleaning of our lakes and the city partnering with community groups pursuing projects like the dog park and splash pad are just some of the exciting things going on in our city.

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I recommend Vern Rasmussen for mayor without reservation or hesitation. Let’s keep the positive momentum that the city has going by re-electing Vern Rasmussen for mayor Nov. 6.

Chris Utz

Albert Lea