Letter: Service has spanned 18 years

Published 7:27 pm Tuesday, October 30, 2018

This letter is directed to the voters of Freeborn County. I have faithfully served as Freeborn County recorder the past 18-plus years. During that time, I have also served on three different occasions as interim and acting county administrator at the request of the Freeborn County Board of Commissioners. Over those years, I have helped and assisted the people of Freeborn County in any way I possibly could. Being a lifelong resident of Freeborn County and having grown up in and being engaged in the area of real estate, I brought a great deal of expertise and professionalism to the office back in 2000. I am known not only in Freeborn County, but throughout the state of Minnesota for my open, friendly, responsive and knowledgeable demeanor. For the first time since I was elected to office in 2002, I have a person running against me. I have been in contact and interacted with many of you over the years, providing service, help and information to you whenever and however I could. Now I need your help. I am humbly asking for your vote Nov. 6 to keep me as your county recorder. Thank you.

Kelly Callahan     

Albert Lea

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