Letter: Support Feehan for Congress

Published 8:46 pm Friday, October 26, 2018

In the race for the 1st Congressional District, there are two visions for the future. One vision is based on people over corporate profit, of independent leadership and courage over blind party loyalty, and of a future that accepts science, diversity and high-tech jobs in southern Minnesota. This is Dan Feehan’s vision.

Dan Feehan served in two tours during the Iraq War. Returning to civilian life, he continued to show service leadership by teaching middle school in Chicago and Gary, Indiana. Dan returned back to military service as assistant secretary of defense, where he fought for veteran rights and military for the 21st century. These experiences make him diversely qualified to represent southern Minnesota.

Today, that courage continues by focusing on policies that build people up. Dan welcomes immigrants with a robust guest worker program to address the need for labor and a path to citizenship that is clear and fair. Dan understands the best illegal immigration policy is one that focuses on the cause of the problem — the lack of opportunities and safety in the refugee’s home country. Dan believes we must use our military resources judiciously and not just have the biggest and costliest military possible.

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Dan Feehan believes health care should be affordable to all, and the way to get there is to improve on the successes of the Affordable Care Act, not tear it down and go back to the failed system of the past. Dan’s vision is to allow all Minnesotans preventative care before the health issue gets big and expensive. We all pay higher premiums when the uninsured and very sick visit the emergency room. One’s health should not be up for profit.

Finally, Dan Feehan understands we need to look to the future. He believes public education is the best road for America’s future. We need to invest in the system where the majority of our future’s workforce will come from to do jobs that do not yet exist today. That future includes embracing the science that our climate is changing and our state’s watersheds need help, because that future also includes better practices and high-tech jobs for southern Minnesota.

America’s greatest resource is its people, and we are better when we build them up. Please support Dan Feehan for Congress.

John Novak

New Prague