Letter: The power of your vote

Published 8:56 pm Monday, October 15, 2018

In a few weeks, citizens will flood the polls to vote for their candidates of choice. Let’s all think for a minute the impact that has. Your vote could mean the difference in district, city, county, state and federal priorities. No matter your party affiliation, I would challenge you to think about these three priorities: diversity, diplomacy and direction.

Our community has become very diverse. Our priorities should directly impact these demographics. We are unique in the fact that we are seeing an increase in our student population at the same time experiencing an aging population. Along with the Albert Lea area, the region is experiencing increases in diversity as well.   

The voter should also look at how we are treating each other. What is influencing us? Are we OK with making others look bad so we can look better? Is it necessary to say unfavorable things about someone that may not agree with you? A person’s opinions should have merit based on their knowledge on the subject and not the lack of knowledge of others. Approaching conflict is a difficult task, but if there is mutual respect, the conflict seems to be only about the issue and not about the person.

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Lastly, does your candidate have a clear direction? Do you feel confidence in knowing exactly what your candidate stands for? Feel empowered to ask the tough questions of your candidates. To be fully informed of the issues and the position of that candidate makes you an advocate for clear direction moving forward. 

In closing, I believe that I understand the diversity in our communities/schools. I believe my experience and approach make me a diplomat. I also believe that I could help provide direction to the school district and communities our district serves. Above all else, I am passionate to be part of an organization that will help all students learn and grow. I would absolutely love to serve the people of District 241 on their school board. Please consider having me represent you on the Albert Lea Area Schools board.

Kim Nelson

Albert Lea