Letter: Throw away attack ads with no basis

Published 9:45 pm Wednesday, October 31, 2018

I have received several postcards sent by Republican groups criticizing Terry Gjersvik, who is running for the 27A House seat. If you read them, they are kind of ridiculous. 

First of all, so far they have attacked Terry on health care for what they suggest he may do.  What I have heard Terry say about health care is that when he knocked on 10,000 doors and talked to thousands of citizens in this area, people are worried about their health care. People worry about lack of access and whether they can afford it. He has said, if he is elected, he wants to consider all options, discuss and consider solutions to the problems. I think these attack cards were designed to scare people.

Also, both cards referred to Terry’s “bosses.” That he will do the will of his bosses. What bosses? He is not in the Legislature, and the only boss he may have as a farmer is the weather: Will the rain hold up so he can get his beans and corn harvested? And that is a harsh “boss.”

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My suggestion is this:  If you get those political cards in the mail, read the positive ones, the ones that say what a candidate stands for and what he or she would like to accomplish if elected. And throw away the ones that attack people with no basis, or ones that try to scare people with suggestions with what a candidate might do. After all, that is what they are, just scare tactics that need to be thrown away.

And please vote. We need to keep democracy alive. I think that is the real intent of  negative ads — to turn people from voting and keep them home.

I plan to vote Nov. 6. I hope you will, too. And I hope you will look at the kind of man Terry Gjersvik is — intelligent, thoughtful and a problem-solver — and decide he is the person you want to represent you in St. Paul.

Ted Hinnenkamp

Albert Lea