Letter: Transgender people are under fire

Published 8:50 pm Thursday, October 25, 2018

Transgender people: 

You are about to be eliminated from legal existence, just like Nazi Germany. Please make a plan to avoid being eliminated from physical existence, just like later Nazi Germany. There are people in this very community who would like to see you gone. 

Do not go like lambs to slaughter.  Make a plan.

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Other people:  You have nothing to worry about (yet). In Nazi Germany common citizens could not act once Hitler and company got entrenched.  Survival meant adopting a public Nazi persona. 

In our country, transgender discrimination will become permanently tragic once the ruling party is able to pass hateful laws and appoint hateful judges in order to make those laws pass constitutional muster.

It took 60,000,000 deaths to fix this type of problem the last time it was decided a certain population shouldn’t exist.  Please call out hatred. Please vote.

Bill Bigler

Albert Lea