Letter: Vote to keep health care we deserve

Published 8:54 pm Thursday, October 25, 2018

There are few issues, aside from commodity prices, that affect farmers more than health care. So many farm families struggle to pay for the care they need, and we all know how many families need off-farm jobs just for the insurance. Farmers are the backbone of our economy and few jobs are as important to us all. But it is an occupation with so much risk already that they should not have to add the worry of losing coverage based on pre-existing conditions to everything else. Hagedorn has shown through his support of terrible bills that he will not protect your health care. If passed, these bills will require even greater out-of-pocket costs, slash coverage of pre-existing conditions and make insurance unaffordable to many men, women and children who are now covered. Our system of government is based on checks and balances and we need someone representing us who will be a voice for everyone, not just the wealthy, the powerful and the elite who never have to worry about whether or not they can go to the doctor. Dan Feehan will be that check to stop these unfair and damaging changes to our insurance systems that will leave Minnesotans worse off than before. While farmers are already struggling to find new markets because of the trade war, they should at least be assured that we have their back on healthcare. Minnesota farmers feed the world. It is up to lawmakers to get out of the way so that they can do their job and quit making policies that can be disastrous to their bottom line. We are seeing progress with making health care more affordable and accessible to all of us. On Nov. 6 we have a chance to keep what we deserve.

Pernell Meier


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