Letter: Vote your values; vote for Gjersvik

Published 11:03 pm Friday, October 5, 2018

I was raised in Albert Lea and graduated in the class of 1979. Terry was our class president; his leadership abilities were evident at a young age. He was  excellent as a class leader student, friend and farmer.

I don’t know about all classes, but the class of ’79 held class reunions every five  years for several years with a huge attendance. The numbers may have dwindled some, but we still have one every 10 years and Terry is always there and is instrumental in making sure we have one. This, alone, is a testament to his follow through and loyalty to a position he was given years ago. He knows and understands the importance of community engagement and the need to include everyone’s voice in making a community work and prosper for all. His experience as both a teacher and farmer gives him a unique perspective on the future generations and their needs in a rural area. I know Terry will vote his values and do what is best for all Minnesotans in his district. If I was a resident of this district, I would definitely be casting my vote for Terry.

Becky Shoop

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