Letter: Why vote Republican?

Published 8:45 pm Friday, October 26, 2018

America has witnessed the true nature of the Democratic Party here in Minnesota and nationally. Last Monday, a Minnesota DFL Headquarters staffer called for GOP members to be taken to the guillotine on Nov. 7 — the day after the election. The response from Minnesota DFL was “it was only an inside joke.” The week prior, special education teacher Samantha Ness tweeted out asking for someone to kill Brett Kavanaugh — no condemnation from the Minnesota DFL or their candidates.

Speaking of Brett Kavanaugh, I believe the Democrat national leaders (including Amy Klobuchar) attacked and lied about him to prevent his Supreme Court confirmation. Yes, I said lied, because not one of their accusations proved to have a shred of truth. Again, no condemnation from the Minnesota DFL or their candidates.

I attended a meeting in Arlington discussing how to attract new businesses, find buyers for retiring business owners and get people to move here. I can tell you this, if Arlington or any city in Minnesota wants to attract new businesses or new business owners, then we must look at how this state operates. A recent article published by WCCO stated that Minnesota has the worst climate for business. Tim Walz (Minnesota DFL candidate for governor) has stated several times that he will raise the gas tax, plus others (Star Tribune) and will make Minnesota a sanctuary state. I can tell you this, no one will buy or start a business in Arlington or Minnesota if you continue to raise taxes and protect illegals.

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When you vote Democrat, you support the above behavior and endorse the demise of rural Minnesota. Each Republican candidate is the exact opposite of what the Minnesota DFL stands for. I ask that you look at what is at stake and vote Republican up and down the ballot.

Daryl Thurn

Green Isle