The Stairwell News: A poem for farms in fall

Published 9:00 am Saturday, October 6, 2018

The Stairwell News by Susanne Crane

Susanne Crane is an artist/educator currently working on a local restoration project in the historic district.

The Farmstead

Susanne Crane

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The farm is still

with an air of industrious-

ness about it

maintained more by spirit

than human energy now

protected by corn on all

sides standing

at attention in military form

fearlessly facing the fall of

its lines

which is inevitable

yet this place is sacred to corn

Inside the enormous belly of a barn

diffused light echoes a cathedral nave

animated stained glass doves fly from their windows

a fine dust whirls like the smoke of incense

there is sanctuary

in this American Gothic giant

resting like the inverted hull of a giant ship

in a sea of green, green waves of grass

A place where spirits long to linger

and linger long

while the blades of grass whisper their song

conducted by a breeze of intense focus

in a subtle orchestra

accompanied by frogs, insects and birds

demanding audience with the sun, moon and the stars

raising the life force and sending spirits home

It is the heavy hearts that remain close to the ground

the ones that dug deep and found only potatoes

people troubled by gravel

more than those who look for shapes in the clouds

unbroken horizons and colors in sunsets

for some

life consists of toil and drudgery

when in truth

it is even possible to learn

the secrets of trees

Rural Freeborn County