Editorial: It’s time to move forward — as one community

Published 9:02 pm Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The polls are closed and results are starting to be released, and whether your favorite candidates won or lost, it’s time to find ways to bring our community — and nation — back together.

More often than not these days — and especially during campaign season — we, as a society, become divided, thinking only of our differences, instead of the many similarities and common goals we all have.

Now that the election has passed, we ask all of the people in our community, and especially our local government leaders, to find ways to mend relationships, reach across the figurative aisle and intentionally seek out ways to improve our city.

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Start with something small.

Hold a door open for someone. Smile. Give a compliment or take time to let someone know you’re thankful for them.

The way we treat strangers and how we interact on social media can make a huge difference in the way others outside of our community see us.

If you have time for more commitment, you can volunteer on a board, get involved with your church or another organization, or become a coach for a youth sport.

You can attend local government meetings, share ideas for growth with your city, county and state representatives and take risks when you see an opportunity to better our community.

Support events planned by local organizations and businesses, and shop local whenever possible.

Albert Lea has great potential, but it’s up to all of us as residents, whether young or old, to rally together and make that potential a reality.