Letter: Bennett is an advocate for many people

Published 9:56 pm Thursday, November 1, 2018

I am a former teacher and a wife, mother and grandmother of farmers. I have known Peggy Bennett for many years and want to share what a great advocate she is for our area.

Peggy is a wonderful advocate for our farmers. She has ridden with farmers on combines and planters, and has made multiple and ongoing visits to crop, cattle, hog and turkey farms. I have observed Peggy attending cattle judging at the county fair and walking the cattle barns, and have watched her connect with 4-H’ers and their parents. She talks to farmers, connects with farmers and is a strong voice for our farmers at the Capitol.

Peggy advocates for our seniors and nursing homes. She visits our nursing homes and senior apartments and walks the halls talking to seniors — and not just at election time. Peggy has helped pass a lot of good legislation for our nursing homes and helped make sure they were funded for their actual costs. Peggy is and will continue to be an advocate for the elderly and their care.

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I speak as a former teacher. Education is very important to me. Peggy taught elementary school in Albert Lea for 33 years. She loves our children, their families and our teachers, and she works hard for education. Peggy is so loved by her former students and their families that they still invite her to their parties and celebrations.

Health care is important to Peggy, and I know she is working hard for our area for health care. She has attended almost all the Save Our Healthcare/Hospital meetings and wants to make sure our rural communities have affordable health care and health insurance, and that we have services close by.

Peggy has genuine concern for the needy and low-income families. She is a compassionate person, and I have witnessed that compassion, watching her personally help needy people and families out of her own funds. Peggy has a great love for humanity, from the unborn children in the womb to the elderly, and her compassion for people radiates from her.

Thank you for letting me share with you about our state representative, Peggy Bennett. I will be voting to keep her as our representative, and I hope you will too.

Janet Stadheim

Albert Lea