Letter: Gjersvik is willing to listen

Published 10:08 pm Thursday, November 1, 2018

I’m writing in support of Terry Gjersvik’s campaign for the Minnesota House of Representatives. I’ve known Terry for 15 years. As a fellow teacher, I was inspired by Terry’s dedication to at-risk youth at Albert Lea High School. As someone who served on Mayo’s Patient Advisory Council, I’ve seen Terry’s commitment to patient rights and affordable health care. As the son of a farmer, I admire Terry’s work ethic and knowledge of farming practices and policy. As a father, I’m thankful for the example Terry has provided me in how to raise thoughtful and loving kids.

Whether in the classroom, in business, on the farm or at home, Terry understands the importance of hard work, but he also knows that hard work alone doesn’t guarantee success. None of us stands alone. We all need help. We can all help others. And we all do better, when we all do better.

“Together we work, and together we win” is more than just a campaign slogan. It’s how Terry lives his life, and it’s an approach to living that we might all adopt if we want to make it through this challenging time when our country seems fractured in so many ways.

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I’ve read some cynical remarks in the paper and online about how pledges to compromise and work together are just empty campaign promises. That couldn’t be farther from the truth with Terry. Anyone who knows Terry can vouch for his thoughtfulness, his willingness to listen and his commitment to finding solutions that will help us all.

The problems we face today are simply too large for one party to solve. It’s going to take cooperation and compromise, which will inevitably require being at odds with one’s own party from time to time.

While I respect Peggy Bennett and admire her distinguished teaching career, there is little in Peggy’s voting record to indicate that she is truly committed to this type of cooperation. When it comes to votes of significance — floor motions, amendments, bill passage, veto overrides — the Journal of the House shows that Peggy is incredibly partisan. In fact, she has voted in line with her party’s leader 95 percent of the time. That is her record.

Terry Gjersvik will work together with anyone committed to making life better for all of us in Minnesota, no matter which party they belong too. We need better representation. We need Terry Gjersvik in the Minnesota House.

Jeremy Corey-Gruenes

Albert Lea