Letter: Know the facts before making comments

Published 8:46 pm Friday, November 2, 2018

In response to a letter written by a would-be county commissioner.  He derides Dan Belshan for voting for a road improvement on County Road 49. At least Dan asked thoughtful questions. At least Dan gave our road a chance. This round should have never been an issue if a bad decision to turn this road from tar to gravel had not been made. I received a real response from commissioners Belshan and Lee. It is easy to sit back and say things when you have nothing to lose. I have yet to see anyone running for commissioner to say anything on how to change or improve, just criticize. With a bad decision and no support from administration or some commissioners, we are left with a gravel road that was tarred for 40 years. If Dan Belshan has a problem with my area, it is that he and all commissioners must not have understood or asked our highway engineer her intent. As to the statement about three houses: What a thoughtless comment. It serves many people from a large area. You can twist or turn any issue as you see it; however, our community at large is left with a decision made by one person not brought to a hearing as it should have been. Before commenting on issues, one needs all the facts.

Lynn Wasmoen


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