Letter: Marin a man of integrity

Published 9:58 pm Thursday, November 1, 2018

Good evening and God’s continued blessings upon you and your establishment.

I am writing on behalf of a dear friend of 25 years who is a candidate for the upcoming election for mayor of Albert Lea: Mr. George Marin.

I have found Mr. Marin to be a man of moral beauty, integrity and godly character. This inward architecture has been evidenced in the output and productivity of his life as a human being, husband, father, pastor and law-abiding citizen of the United States of America. As a human being, his moral and ethical code of conduct, lived consistently, has framed him to be a model, pattern, template and example of good works. Happily married to the same woman for close to three decades is noteworthy and praiseworthy. They have not just lived and enjoyed a wonderful relationship but have been instrumental in empowering and placing the tools and resources for others to be able to do so too. Fathering two beautiful children, who have, themselves, been loving, obedient, godly, well developed, balanced children who today carry nation-building value within themselves is truly significant. As a pastor, his love for God and people is very evident and characteristic of his journey as pastor of the Grace Christian Church of Albert Lea. The mere fact of service to this ministry and community for the past 27 years is a testimony in itself. I have found that the man’s lifestyle is consistent with the message he proclaims. The Marins have provided love, caring, nurturing, mentoring and training for their charges faithfully and consistently and have earned the love and respect of the people of their church and home context. They have extended themselves socially to the people outside of their church family context to include those incarcerated, community projects, missions to the homeless/challenged in Albert Lea and beyond —to places like Minneapolis and even beyond the borders of the USA. We love and respect the Revs. George and Jill Marin and their children, Elisha and Suzie, too, dearly, and we do earnestly believe that they will provide sanctified common-sense leadership and a spiritual dimension, too, as in many situations our best efforts will not suffice and only the intervention of God can help to bring the necessary changes both internally, in the hearts and minds of the people, and externally, in the real world of people. I therefore highly recommend the Rev. George Marin to be the new mayor of Albert Lea.

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I humbly submit these heart positions and thank you for receiving this submission.

Suneal Kanhai