Letter: Rasmussen has passion for Albert Lea

Published 8:55 pm Friday, November 2, 2018

I have known Vern Rasmussen Jr. for over 27 years. I believe the word that best describes Vern is passionate. My interactions with Vern are both personal and professional (as a physical therapist and mayor). Vern shows his passion for his family and friends through his actions — the activities he gets involved in and the way he treats people. Whether on the softball field or on the volleyball court, Vern always had the passion to play the best he could and always tried to improve himself to benefit the team. It was during our volleyball days that Vern approached some of us teammates and informed us he was going to run for mayor. Our first reaction was, “are you nuts?” We tried to tell him that being in the public eye was going to be hard, and unfortunately, some of the decisions he made weren’t always going to be liked by all. He agreed; however, he told us because of his love for Albert Lea, he wanted to give it a try.

Vern’s passion for Albert Lea set him on a path of constantly acquiring as much knowledge of the city and its infrastructure as he possibly can to make informed decisions. Along with the City Council and city staff, he creates and implements plans that he feels are necessary for the continued positive growth in Albert Lea. His passion to see Albert Lea grow and prosper continues to be the driving force in his desire to be our mayor for another term. Vern is getting my vote. If you believe in the positive direction of Albert Lea over the last six years, let’s keep the momentum going. Join me in voting for Vern Rasmussen on Nov. 6.

Kevin Dulitz

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Albert Lea