Letter: Support a future that’s responsible

Published 8:49 pm Friday, November 2, 2018

To wrap up the 2018 election, we need to be sure an honest, responsible election with fully eligible voters are verified in all the U.S.

Voter ID is fully needed in Minnesota, but we should also ensure illegals, felons, etc., are not voting.

Police should be reviewing to see if voters really live where they are registered. We need to ensure outstanding warrants are served and no drug dealing near the polls is happening by police checking.

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We all need to fight waste and fraud in government spending, but why did Minnesota go from no sales tax and a $1 billion budget at the start of 1967 to over 6 percent sales tax and a $45 billion-plus budget in 2018? We need a thrifty plan for Minnesota.

In 1955, persons making $12,000 a year were well off. Now, it is a poverty income. In 1955, kids were raised by a mother and father, and often only the father had a paid job.

We need to decrease the cost of things. Housing is a prime example caused by zoning, lot size, building codes, fees and regulations. Government needs to decrease costs.

Let us all support a responsible future.

Tom Schleck

Albert Lea