Letter: Vote straight red this election

Published 8:48 pm Friday, November 2, 2018

The USA and its population stand on the backs of our fallen soldiers and our vets. The selflessness and courage of these actions gives us the very freedoms we as Americans enjoy so much.

When that flag raises, and we salute or place our right hand over our heart, we are showing our gratitude and respect for those who gave their lives or the vets who lived through the atrocities of war. They protect us from harm, as well as protect our freedom. The soldiers think of all of us, not just themselves.

When protesters disrespect our flag by burning, kneeling during the anthem or some of the many other obscenities they do, I don’t think they understand. The folks they disrespect by these actions are the very same people who gave them the freedoms that give them the right to do these things. Whoever is paying them to protest and to incite is really trying to divert the attention away from the real problems and possible solutions.

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I don’t think the protesters realize how good we have it in the USA. In other countries, personal freedoms (if any) are different. It sounds great to have everything provided for you. It’s promised by the Democrats but seldom given. But think about what you are giving up if you want what the Democrats are promising. You want a minimum wage of $15. There are no minimum wage laws in socialism. Do you know in some countries they don’t even make $2 a day. That nice home or apartment, or the freedom to stop for a burger or pizza when you feel like, would be gone. The medical needs you have may or may not be provided.  The care certainly would not be as good as the USA. Food stamps? Medicaid? Low-income housing? That would be gone. In the USA, most Americans who are in need are helped. You talk about going to college, and you want the monies provided to you. There is no school choice if you can go at all with socialism. The freedom to make that choice would be gone. Like that car or new smart phone?  That kind of world where the government can take personal property? Virtually this would affect every corner of your life, you just don’t realize it. Abject poverty isn’t pretty. There is never enough food, clean water or a clean place to sleep. You have no choice and have no freedoms to do as you choose. All those personal freedoms would be gone. There are no laws to protect you.

Is our country perfect? Heck no. It isn’t perfect. But if we as Americans follow the law, it could be good for almost everyone. That’s why I am voting straight red this election.

These freedoms are because of the soldiers who fought for beliefs behind that flag. Respect the flag and the soldiers who fight to protect us and help us to keep freedom.

Kathy Phillips

Osceola, Wisconsin