Letter: Walz, Feehan are best choices

Published 9:58 pm Thursday, November 1, 2018

There are many important choices to make on Nov. 6, but the Minnesota governorship and the U.S. representative for the 1st District will do much to set the direction of our democracy going forward. Tim Walz and Dan Feehan are clearly the best choice.

They have much in common. Both are military veterans and both have been teachers. Both have tried to run positive, hopeful campaigns. Walz has emphasized the theme of “One Minnesota,” that we need to work together and benefit from our differences. Similarly, Feehan often says “either everyone matters or no one matters.” Both approach politics as public service and, yes, both think government has a positive role to play in peoples’ lives. The policies they advocate are reasonable and practical. On health care, they want to build on the progress that has been made, and see that everyone has good health insurance.

Their opponents would take us in another direction. Both are eager to have Trump’s white nationalism in control of our state and all three branches of the federal government. Jeff Johnson is a nice and polite person. But he advocates the same divisive, fear-mongering and reality-denying policies as Trump. Jim Hagedorn, with his history of ridicule against women, Indians and others, will only add to the ugly tone and hateful rhetoric. Both these candidates claim the silver bullet to better health care is to unleash the insurance companies.

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The 2018 election gives us the chance to turn away from the chaos, lies, fear and incompetence. With Tim Walz as Minnesota’s governor and Dan Feehan as our representative, we can move in a more hopeful, honest and realistic direction.

Joseph Kunkel III

North Mankato