Where do I vote?

Published 9:15 pm Friday, November 2, 2018

Albert Lea has 6 polling sites, Freeborn County has over 2 dozen


The city of Albert Lea has six polling sites for general elections. To vote in Tuesday’s general election, here are your polling locations:

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Ward 1: Brookside School, 211 W. Richway Drive

Ward 2: Bridge Community Church, 335 W. Clark St.

Ward 3: United Methodist Church, 702 U.S. Highway 69

Ward 4: Grace Lutheran Church, 918 Garfield Ave.

Ward 5: City Hall, 221. E. Clark St.

Ward 6: Halverson Elementary School, 707 E. 10th St.

Freeborn County has more than two dozen sites for general elections.

Albert Lea Township precincts 1 and 2: 1508 S. Broadway Ave.

Alden and Alden Township: Alden City Hall, 174 N. Broadway Ave.

Bancroft Township: Bancroft Town Hall, 75730 240th St.

Bath Township: Bath Town Hall, 29737 762nd Ave.

Carlston Township: Alden City Hall

Clarks Grove: First Baptist Church, 205 S.E. Second St. in Clarks Grove

Emmons: Emmons City Hall, 219 Main St. in Emmons

Freeborn and Freeborn Township: Freeborn City Hall, 402 Park St. in Freeborn

Freeman Township: Freeman Town Hall, 13517 760th Ave. in the Glenville area

Geneva and Geneva Township: Geneva City Hall, 405 S.E. First Ave. in Geneva

Glenville: Glenville City Hall, 221 W. Main St.

Hartland and Hartland Township: Hartland City Hall, 407 S. Broadway St.

Hayward Township: Hayward Town Hall, 201 Main St. in Hayward

London Township: London Town Hall, 90314 Second St. in London

Manchester and Manchester Township: Manchester City Hall, 70830 255th St.

Mansfield Township: Mansfield Town Hall, 62738 150th St. in the Alden area

Moscow Township: Moscow Town Hall, 24225 885th Ave. in the Austin area

Newry Township: Newry Town Hall, 29048 890th Ave. in the Austin area

Nunda Township: 13514 700th Ave. in the Twin Lakes area

Oakland Township: Oakland Town Hall, 89138 Oakland Ave. in Oakland

Pickerel Lake Township: Pickerel Lake Town Hall, 70600 180th St.

Riceland Township: Riceland/Hollandale Government Center, 110 W. Park Ave. in Hollandale

Shell Rock Township: Shell Rock Town Hall, 80976 110th St., in the Glenville area