Albert Lea students shadow different job opportunities

Published 10:29 pm Friday, December 14, 2018

On Dec. 6, students from Gerald Bizjak’s economics class at Albert Lea High School were able to experience a variety of careers around Albert Lea, according to a press release. The students started their experience by researching a career of their interest to see what all it entailed and to become more knowledgeable about it. The list was reviewed by Bizjak and John Double to see what all was available in Albert Lea and what could fit into one day.

The day started with a visit to South Central Pet Care to find out about the veterinary technician and veterinarian careers. They were able to see a veterinarian in action and took a tour of the facility, getting to see the spaces and equipment used as part of the profession. 

The class then traveled to JPW Industries for a tour of its facility and an expansion of its concepts of workforce expectations. 

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The third and fourth stops both occurred at City Hall. The class was greeted by an Albert Lea Public Library librarian to learn about the library and other careers available in the public library.

The class then headed across the building to the Albert Lea Fire Department to tour the facility and find out about the careers available.

The next stop was combined with lunch as the class stopped at Green Mill to learn about becoming a cook.  After hearing about the careers available and the kitchen manager’s pathway to his position, they had pizza for lunch. 

Students tour JPW Industries. – Provided

After lunch, the experience continued with a visit to Albert Lea Area Schools’ WrapAround child care program at Brookside Education Center. The class toured different class spaces and visited children there over their lunch time.  The staff told them about their positions and the different pathways they took to get there.

The class then headed downtown to Expressions Salon & Spa on Broadway.  The students heard about different components to the careers available there and heard about the working environment they achieved by working together. 

Students then visited Holly Karsjens Fine Art Photography, inside The Meraki Studios, to learn about photography and the career path the owner there took to achieve her success.  They were also able to hear how her pathway changed as she pursued her dream to her chosen career.

The ninth and final stop  was Thorne Crest Senior Living Community to investigate several careers.  The students were able to learn about nursing career opportunities that exist in the facility, the components of the facility, what it has been recognized for and about other careers available in the senior living community. They also learned how some employers can have scholarship opportunities to increase knowledge and skills.

“The experience was a great opportunity for all of the students, with most getting to see their researched careers first-hand in our wonderful community of Albert Lea,” Double said.  “They heard about the variety of pathways people took to achieve their career goals and heard about the opportunities that exist in our business community.

“We greatly appreciated all of the businesses that opened their doors to us … as it created a very memorable experience for our students,” he said. “We also thank our business community for continuing to support our schools and our ongoing efforts to connect our students with workforce experiences.”