Editorial: Have you checked out a locally owned business this season?

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, December 20, 2018

As we wrap up our holiday shopping, we hope many of our readers have heeded the advice from the stories and editorials in recent weeks — shop local.

One of the top perks that can come from shopping local is accessories or more items are easily obtainable. Most stores continue to carry items after the holiday season that will go with those purchases, as well as have more in stock in case someone else in the family or a friend would like the item as well. Also, if the item is out of stock in the store, the owner or manager will usually go out of their way to order the item.

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Something else to consider when purchasing holiday gifts is the ease of access. When shopping locally, many enjoy receiving gift cards to stores in their community that they can use on the whim. Also, if the gift-giver purchases an item of clothing that is the wrong size or color, the giftee does not have to wait weeks to get the right clothing item but can exchange it the next day the store is open.

Another element that gets lost in the shuffle of holiday gift-buying is the support for local businesses. Many of these owners and employees are friends and neighbors that you see in the city throughout the week. By keeping your purchases in the community, you are providing financial support for the business community and those employed in the city.

When purchasing a gift for someone special, make sure to check out local merchants first.