DIY: Pinecone bird feeders

Published 12:03 pm Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Angela Moller is the designer and artist at Homestead Design, a handcrafted home decor business she and her husband, Matt, operate from their local acreage. A few of Angela’s favorite things include graphic design, home decor, nature and learning activities for children.

This simple, family-friendly activity is a win-win for wildlife and people alike. The birds love a tasty mid-winter treat, and we can enjoy watching the different varieties that come to visit. Once the birds learn your yard is a good place to find a snack, they’ll tell their friends. Feeding the birds can become a fun hobby. Albert Lea Audubon Society is a great resource for ideas and advice.

What you will need:

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• Birdseed (choose a variety based on which birds already frequent your yard or which types you’d like to attract)

• Peanut butter (in case of allergies, sunflower butter can also work)

• Twine or jute string

• Pinecones

• Scissors