Editorial: High snowbanks cause problems with visibility

Published 7:23 pm Wednesday, February 27, 2019

With the cleanup of last weekend’s snowstorm, the snowbanks around the community are getting larger.

At many intersections, the snowbanks are getting so large, it is difficult to see over them, and drivers are having to pull partway out into the intersection to have a clear line of sight as they look for approaching traffic.

Is there a plan in place by the city to alleviate some of these troublesome intersections once all the snow is cleared from the roads? We encourage the city to take a look at many places in town and consider hauling away snow from the banks that are a challenge to see around.

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Residents could even help the city out by providing a list of problematic intersections.

Similar to large bushes and vegetation that is difficult to see around in the summer, these large snowbanks can cause safety concerns. We encourage action to be taken at least at busier intersections.

In the meantime, we encourage drivers to use extra caution when out on the streets. Approach intersections slowly and pay attention even more to the cars around you.