Editorial: We would like to hear your opinion

Published 8:13 pm Thursday, February 28, 2019

We started reaching out to readers in a new way this week to seek your opinion on the first of many topics. Every so often, we plan to post a question on the Tribune’s Facebook page to gather opinions. Some questions may be light-hearted, while others will deal with more serious topics. By choosing to post your opinion in a comment under these special posts, your opinion could be selected to be printed in the newspaper, here on the Opinion Page.

If you see a question posted on Facebook, we encourage you to jump on board and share your thoughts.

The question this week is, “What was your favorite story in the Tribune’s Progress edition that came out Saturday?”

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If you have a response you’d like to submit, email Managing Editor Sarah Stultz at sarah.stultz@albertleatribune.com.