Evan’s Eatery owner looks forward to spring

Published 9:21 pm Wednesday, February 13, 2019

NEW RICHLAND — Warmer temperatures, being able to have fun outdoors without having to dress in layers, safer driving conditions — there are many reasons to wish for spring.

For Daniel Miller of New Richland, it’s being able to reopen the Evan’s Eatery food truck he runs with his wife, April. According to Miller, this will be sometime after the weather is back to a consistent 32 degrees.

In the meanwhile, Miller said he’s lining up the event schedule for the year, acquiring the permits needed to serve in those communities, arranging health inspections and redesigning the menu.

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He already has a couple days lined up in Mankato and would like to have an Albert Lea and Waseca day and possibly Owatonna. Weekends are reserved for fairs, festivals, breweries and special events. Miller said they only need to find somewhere to park their vehicle to solidify a day in Albert Lea.

As far as the menu goes, Miller said they like to carry the foods they like to eat when they go out. These items include bison burgers, chicken quesadillas, waffle fries and onion rings, among others.

New additions to the menu will include their hamburger bacon sweet and spicy chili and loaded waffle fries with toppings such as chili, cheese, green onion and sour cream.

The chili recipe has only been shared with the public on one other occasion — the first annual Battle of the Bowls Chili Cook-Off in Mankato. Evan’s Eatery’s chili recipe was the people’s choice favorite at the event, which was a fundraiser for Partners for Affordable Housing.

After much thought, the couple started the business in July. Miller had attended culinary school at South Central Technical School in Mankato, but found himself working in another field for a number of years.

When Brown Printing/Quad Graphics closed in December 2017, Miller decided it was time to return to the food service industry and started looking into different ideas when he decided a food truck would be a good fit.

“It’s a good way to get your foot in the door,” he said, noting the startup for a food truck business was significantly less than a traditional restaurant. He and his wife prefer the mobility as well, as it allows them to bring their food to the customers while attending a variety of fairs, events and parks.

“It’s something I enjoy doing,” he said. “It’s our future plan to do this full-time.”