Letter: Maybe all elected positions need to be looked at

Published 8:49 pm Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Regarding the “County to consider appointing recorder and auditor-treasurer” story in the Feb. 6 edition of the Tribune: The county board of commissioners and the county administrator have stated they are looking into changing these two positions from elected to appointed. Reason: They are not sure that qualified people are being elected to these positions. They are saying that the county is fortunate that the two elected persons in these positions have been proficient in their positions. I’m glad that the current elected commissioners are qualified to be able to make that conclusion.

If these two positions need to be looked at based on getting qualified people in them where large amounts of money are overseen, then the board and the administrator need to look at all elected positions. The administrator states the only thing needed for these positions is to pay the $50 filing fee and get elected.

With that in mind, that is all that is needed to become a county commissioner. Are they qualified to do their job and be responsible to oversee the large amounts of money within the entire county? Maybe our commissioners also need to be appointed. After all, we want to make sure we have qualified people with the proper education and background to fill these seats.

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Let’s also look at the elected position of county sheriff. If this position was appointed, a couple of things would happen. First of all, the elected sheriff would not have to ask for a 22 percent pay increase for the position (even though he knew what the pay was when he decided to run for re-election). Second, if the position was appointed, the person would be offered a salary for the position, and if he accepted the offer, he would not have to ask for a pay increase.  Just think of all the money the county would save on this and also not be taken to court.

So what brought this all on to begin with? Maybe our county officials are just showing that they are doing something for their pay, or maybe it’s part of good old politics, where maybe someone did not like who was elected or maybe someone has a relative or a friend who needs a job. Whatever the reason, the board and administrator need to really take a look at all elected positions. Just think, if all elected positions were changed to appointed positions, we would never have to hold elections again. Think of all the money that could be saved by not having elections; we might save enough money so our elected president of the United States could build his border wall. I wonder if we could find someone that is truly qualified and has the background to be appointed president of the United States of America.

Paul Diemer

Albert Lea