Letter: Rep. Hagedorn supports Medicare Advantage plans

Published 10:19 pm Friday, February 15, 2019

As I watched the State of the Union, I heard a lot of good ideas about how to reduce prescription drug costs and other expenses associated with health care. Yet, while a lot of ideas sounded good, I wondered if any of our politicians were looking at existing solutions to help overcome the problems we face.

When I learned that Congressman Jim Hagedorn recently signed a letter supporting Medicare Advantage, I was incredibly pleased he is working to deliver on bipartisan health care solutions that protect choice, wellness and affordability for thousands of seniors in southeast Minnesota.

Many seniors who choose Medicare Advantage plans are on fixed incomes, with more than half making less than $30,000 a year. That’s why affordable plan options that also cover things like prescription drug coverage, vision, hearing, dental and gym memberships are so important. And what’s more, many Medicare Advantage plans also have little to no premiums. 

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Many seniors across southern Minnesota choose Medicare Advantage because it works best for them. Jim Hagedorn is championing bipartisan solutions for health care and delivering on his promise to support measures to make health care more affordable and accessible.

Spencer Krier