Northwood’s Fringe and Lace welcomes prom season

Published 7:25 pm Wednesday, February 27, 2019

NORTHWOOD — Busy can sometimes be an understatement. This is indeed the case for many formal wear stores that are taking care of spring prom-goers and those planning a summer wedding.

For prom season, Fringe and Lace by Brittany owner Brittany Low advises girls to make sure they have their dress early.

“March is still OK to be shopping,” Low said. “I would definitely say that you want to have your dress about a month before your prom.”

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This allows time for alterations, as Low said multiple fittings are not out of the question.

“It depends a lot on the style and how much needs to done to it,” Low said. “Especially in bridal gowns, there are times where I won’t even touch one thing until we get another part fitted.”

To help streamline the process, Low recommends girls bring the shoes and any undergarments, including shapewear, they plan on wearing with the dress to the fitting.

“One of the most asked questions is ‘Well, how much will alterations cost?’ and that is such a loaded question,” she said.

Low gives free consultations for alterations because that isn’t a simple question that can be answered over the phone or from seeing a photo.

“I really need to see, touch, feel the gown and I need to see her in it,” she said.

Low said this is partly because her shop puts dresses back together they way they were originally made. While some fabrics are easy to work with, others may require lace or beading to be hand sewn back into place after an alteration has been made, which can be a meticulous process.

Red and royal blue are classic colors that are consistently popular colors for prom dresses at Fringe and Lace by Brittany in Northwood. – Provided

Low said popular trends for dresses this year include anything with sparkles. She’s also seeing a lot of ball gowns this year.

“Yellow and a light ice blue have been really popular,” Low said in regards to colors. “The classics are always going to pull through strong, the reds, blacks, royal blues — emerald green is a big one this year.”

Fringe and Lace also offers tuxedo rentals.

Early March is a great time for boys to start getting measured and picking out what tuxedo style they would like to wear. Guys are more than welcome to come with their own ideas, but help is available if they need it.

“If they are feeling lost, have no fear,” Low said. “I’m very passionate about tuxedos. I think it’s so much fun to work with the guys and pick all these items.”

This year, Low said velvet has been a popular choice for tuxedos and new paisley coats are available, too.

“It’s fun to see that tuxedo companies are really trying to allow guys to be more creative in their looks as well,” she said.

Tuxedos typically arrive about a week before prom and slight alterations can easily be made if need be.

For every tux rented for prom this year, Low said she will donate $5 back to the respective school’s post prom committee.

While area proms are scheduled for late April and early May, the summer wedding season may seem far away. But Low said it’s important that summer brides buy their dresses six to eight months prior to their wedding date, as it sometimes takes four months to have dresses shipped in. She recommends brides order early to ensure they still get their dress in time if there are delays in the shipping process, and then there will still be enough time to make any alterations they may need.

For more information on Fringe and Lace by Brittany, call 641-323-7400 or visit the store’s Facebook page.