Court Dispositions: March 14-15, 2019

Published 9:38 pm Thursday, March 21, 2019

Freeborn County

District Court


March 14

Susan Marie Quiram, 55, 305 Fourth St., Elysian. Count 1: Felony receiving stolen property. Dismissed. Count 2: Second-degree gross misdemeanor test refusal. Sentenced to 365 days. Stay 353 days for four years. Credit for time served 12 days. Supervised probation for four years. Sentenced to serve 70 hours. Fees $305. Count 3: Third-degree DWI. DIsmissed. Count 4: Driving after cancellation – inimical to public safety. Dismissed.

Ali Rae Weisert, 32, 1303 Poplar Ave. Count 1: DWI – alcohol concentration .08 within two hours. Dismissed. Count 3: DWI – operate a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Sentenced to two years supervised probation. Fees $605. Count 3: Traffic regulations – fail to signal for turn. Dismissed.


March 15

Erin Tiffany Carlsen, 38, 22723 Bluegrass Road. Count 1: Offering forged check. Dismissed. Count 2: Fifth-degree possession – not a small amount of marijuana. Sentenced to 365 days. Stay 363 days for two years. Credit for time served two days. Supervised probation for two years. Fees $80.

Erin Tiffany Carlsen, 38, 22723 Bluegrass Road. Count 1: Fifth-degree possession of methamphetamine. Sentenced to 13 months. Stay for three years. Supervised probation for three years. Fees $80.

Dewayne Alan Carlsgaard, 48, 527 Triangle Drive No. 1. Count 1: Driving after cancellation. Fees $280. Count 2: Motor vehicle registration – operate unregistered vehicle/without plates on public streets/highways. Fees $100. Count 3: Driver must carry proof of insurance when operating a vehicle. Fees $200.


The Tribune publishes all convictions where the financial obligation to the court is $180 or greater or resulted in jail time, probation or community service.