Letter: Column is a light in the darkness

Published 8:22 pm Thursday, March 7, 2019

I have just read April Jeppson’s latest column, and as usual it was like a breath of fresh air.

What a stark contrast from the points of view and letters to the editor which we have become accustomed to reading. Many of these are negative, complaining downers filled with name-calling and thinly veiled hate. The authors attempt to tar people they don’t even know and even their own neighbors with a broad brush for having a different viewpoint, without notice of the tar dripping on themselves.

We get more than our share of negative, divisive and hateful name-calling from the TV news media. Rather than just report the news, they appear to have the primary goal of dividing us as citizens and stirring up hatred. They constantly pit groups and individuals against one another — young vs. old, black vs. white, male vs. female, rural vs. city, liberal vs. conservative, Christian vs. non-believer, gay vs. straight and even police vs. citizens. The people in the entertainment industry chime in with their political commentary, often laced with vulgar language. They seem to be products of the shows and movies they act in, which are often full of violence of all types, gutter language and illicit sex.

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Thank you, April, for your positive articles full of thoughtful caring, sharing, love and humility, sometimes even in the face of adversity.

May God bless you as you continue to write articles that are like rays of sunshine.

Dave Horning