Letter: Let’s make Albert Lea sustainable

Published 7:00 pm Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Albert Lea is at an exciting time. We have the opportunity to shape our identity for generations to come. As a citizen who lives here, has adult and young children here, owns a business here and plans to retire here, I want to see one word define our community. Sustainability.

Sustainability means that we look to the future of our community and ensure today’s practices will benefit future generations — dredging our lakes and focusing on our watershed to ensure clean water and reduced flooding; providing industry with resources to grow our local economy in a way that will provide jobs and income opportunities in the future; taking steps to protect our natural resources, such as our parks and farmland; providing a useful education so our students will be responsible and productive citizens tomorrow; developing resources for entrepreneurs to build tomorrow’s businesses; improving the efficiency of our energy use, workforce, tax use and other resources.

Albert Lea has laid the groundwork to be sustainable, and it is up to us to now connect those pieces together and build upon them. Our Blue Zones, revitalized downtown historic district, Shell Rock River Watershed District projects, the many community parks and Myre-Big Island, and the many other assets our community has invested in are all resources we need to leverage and build upon.

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How do we move forward? If you are not already involved, then find what you’re passionate about and get involved.

Our chamber of commerce has a Green Committee that focuses on environmental sustainability that is being revitalized with an improved focus. Join ALEAP if you have a vision to start a business. Have an energy audit done on your home to learn how you can make it more efficient and utilize the many rebates available through Freeborn-Mower Cooperative Services. Learn more about the projects that have been completed or initiated.

Let’s make our community a place where young people want to live, families can enjoy a great quality of life now and in the future, and our financial opportunities are evermore available for our residents!

Brad Kramer

Albert Lea