You Ask, We Answer: What happened to the Broadway marquee?

Published 7:01 pm Friday, March 29, 2019

Question: What happened to the old marquee at the Broadway Theatre? If still in existence, could it be reinstalled?

Answer: The Broadway Twin Theatre marquee was taken down in April 1989. At that time, the building was being remodeled by Bob Ackland Construction Co. Ackland said the marquee was scrapped after it was removed from the building.

Question: What are the city ordinances about cleaning up after your dogs and regarding leashes for dogs?

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Answer: This information is in the Albert Lea City Code.

Chapter 14, Section 14-40-Sanitation states:

“a) Owners of animals are at all times responsible for the sanitation of their animals, whether on their own property, on the property of other persons or on public property.

“(b) It is a petty misdemeanor for any owner of a dog or other person in charge of a dog to be upon a park or other public property with a dog and not have in his immediate possession equipment for cleaning up any defecation which may emit from such dog or to fail to clean up the defecation immediately and dispose of it in a sanitary manner.

“(c) It is a petty misdemeanor for any owner of an animal to permit animal waste to accumulate on his premises for more than 24 hours.”

Albert Lea City Code Chapter 14, Section 14-36-Dogs running at large states:

“It is a petty misdemeanor for any owner to permit a dog to be unrestrained at any time. For purposes of this section, every dog at large is deemed at large and unrestrained with the permission and at the sufferance of its owner. If a violation of this section occurs, it shall be no defense that the offending dog escaped or is otherwise at large without the permission or sufferance of its owner.

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