Families needed to host foreign exchange students

Published 7:42 pm Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Organization for Cultural Exchange Among Nations is looking for volunteers in the area to host foreign exchange students, according to a press release.

“Hosting an international exchange student is a wonderful way for American families to learn about another country and culture without ever leaving their homes,” said Special Services Director for Organization for Cultural Exchange Among Nations Laura Stahl. “It is also a great way to promote cultural awareness while providing young people with the opportunity of a lifetime.”

While participating in the exchange program, students learn how Americans celebrate holidays that may be new to them, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving.

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They also participate in the family’s daily life while attending American high schools. Students are fully insured, proficient in English and come with their own spending money to cover personal expenses, the press release states.

Organization for Cultural Exchange Among Nations sponsors students from the countries of Brazil, China, Colombia, Italy, Ecuador, Thailand, Slovakia, Spain, Vietnam and Ukraine, among others.

Families of all types are able to participate in the program, to include single persons and senior citizens, as well as married couples who are either with or without children, the release states. Host families are volunteers and are asked to provide the student with room and board, as well as a loving family environment.

For more information, contact Janet Sinning at 507-251-1657 or email jsinning@ocean-intl.org.