Letter: Republicans don’t care about the middle class

Published 7:55 pm Wednesday, April 3, 2019

In response to Peggy Bennett’s letter to the editor published March 27. It was headed “Don’t steal money meant for fixing the state’s roads.”

Peggy talks about raising the gas tax 20 cents a gallon would not fix a single pothole, increase highway lanes or repair any bridges. This is a good example of a Republican’s way of thinking. They seam to think by reducing taxes that things will automatically fix themselves. She uses a lot of words put together to explain herself, and it is terrible that a lot of weak-minded average Joe’s will fall for it. Republicans always talk about reducing taxes, but they don’t tell you that it is only the filthy rich who get their taxes reduced.   

Trump’s last tax cut gave the top 1 percent 83 percent of his tax cut. The other 17 percent went to raises for CEO’S of corporations. Trump never mentions the large deficit we have and how he is going to reduce that. Now getting back to raising taxes on gas. This is the only fair tax there is. When you raise the gas tax everybody pays for it. Even the average Joe that doesn’t drive a car pays. He pays it at all the stores because the prices will go up due to delivery of items to that store. This even makes the filthy rich pay their fair share.

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I just can’t figure out how Peggy could put a bunch of words together and convince anyone that raising taxes on gas will not help fixing the state’s roads. I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone with common sense would vote for a Republican. They sure don’t care about the average Joe or the middle class. If they did they wouldn’t fight the Democrats on raising the minimum wage. I am still bragging. I didn’t vote for Trump.    

Wayne Thorson

Albert Lea