Letter: Strong education system is best way to break barriers

Published 7:22 pm Wednesday, April 24, 2019

I applaud House DFLers for passing an education budget that invests in what matters most: our classrooms and our students.

Nearly 50 years ago, our elected leaders had the foresight to come together and make education the cornerstone of our state. The Minnesota Miracle created arguably one of the strongest education systems in the country, which has helped Minnesotans prosper. Not unlike leaders of the past, DFLers have been working hard to build on that progress and keep Minnesota at the top of the class.

We know that a strong public education system is the single best way to break down the barriers to success our children face. By fully funding our schools, House DFLers are bringing the American Dream within reach of more Minnesota students than ever. DFLers believe that zip codes should not determine a child’s future and every child deserves the opportunity to receive a world-class education.

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Unfortunately, Senate Republicans are short-changing our students by putting forward an education budget that fails to keep up with inflation and will trigger layoffs across Minnesota. This short-sighted approach will fail our children and instead of setting them up for success, will leave many behind.

There are certainly times to cut costs and places to trim spending, but not when it comes to our students. No child of Minnesota should have their opportunities limited by inadequately funded public schools. Minnesota is better than that.

Ken Martin

DFL Party