Published 9:00 am Saturday, May 18, 2019

Duplicate Bridge

Six tables played Duplicate Bridge on May 7 at the Senior Center in Austin. Winners were Gail and Ray Schmidt, first place; Edna Knobbe and Kathy Leisen, second place; Vandy Newman and Jim Fisher, third place; Joyce Crowe and Millie Siever, fourth place; and John Leisen and Rick Stroup, fifth place.

Eleven teams played Duplicate Bridge on May 8 at the Senior Center in Austin. Winners were Dave Ring and Orrin Roisen, first place; Larry Crowe and Jim Fisher, second place; Vandy Newman and Ron Peters, third place; Gail and Ray Schmidt, fourth place; and Tom Flaherty and Stan Schultz, fifth place.

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Duplicate Bridge is played at 12:30 p.m. Tuesdays and at noon Wednesdays. Players come from Adams, Austin, Albert Lea, Rose Creek, Northwood and Mason City. All bridge players are welcome to come and play. Those who need a partner can call 437-2750.

TOPS MN Chapter 979

The TOPS MN Chapter 979 has released its quarterly division winners.

Winners for the quarter were Shirley Schuster, Division 3; and Peggy Indrelie, Division 5.

KOPS in black were Darlene Hauge, Fern Rockwell, Daniel Wirkus and Mary Louise Wirkus. Each will receive gold dollars.

March division winners were Aisha Heard, Division 3; Lois Goodnature, Division 4; and Indrelie, Division 5.

Weekly incentive winners were Freida Johannsen, Heard and Indrelie.

Royalty from the group include Minnesota State Queen, Mary Louise Wirkus; Minnesota State King, Daniel Wirkus; Minnesota Runnerup Queen, Rockwell; and second-place division winner Heard.

April division winners were Heard, Division 3; and Laureen Hohansee, Division 4.

Weekly incentive winner was Darlene Kenison.

Loser Lotto Contest winner was Heard.

Chapter 2018 award winners were Chapter King, Daniel Wirkus; Chapter Queen, Mary Louise Wirkus; Most Inspirational Member, Heard; Queen runner-up/alternate, Rockwell; and Best Loser, Heard.

Division winners for 2018 were Heard, Division 2, first place in chapter and alternate at state; Rosie Leegaard, Division 3, first place; Barb Solbert, Division 3, second place; Shirley Schuster and Katie Koziolek, Division 3, alternates; Judy Thoreson, Division 4, first place; and Mary Louise Wirkus, Division 4, second place.

Certificates were awarded for 10 pounds of weight loss during 2018.

TOPS — take off pounds sensibly — is a nonprofit weight loss support group. There is no diet plan, but support with others on the journey to health and wellness. Tops MN Chapter 979 meets at 9 a.m. Thursdays in Albert Lea Senior Center in Skyline Plaza to weigh in and learn about healthy lifestyles.