Freeborn County Communities Foundation grant report: Youth for Christ

Published 8:23 pm Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Organization: Youth for Christ

Project: Providing services to area youth

Report: According to a press release, the staff and volunteers at Youth for Christ enjoy spending time with area youth and want them to succeed and do well in life. Their goals are to reach youth, change lives and develop leaders.

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With the support of the Kenneth W. Olson Foundation of the Freeborn Communities Foundation for Youth for Christ:

  • 152 kids went to camp and on trips
  • $30,000 was given for scholarships that youth earned through service projects
  • 20 youth went to events out of town
  • Over 1,900 meals were served last summer to children
  • 2,100 meals were served last school year
  • 2,000 loaves of bread were given to youth
  • 10,000 sandwiches or snacks served last year
  • 269 small groups held
  • 90 club meetings were held last school year
  • 34 rides to school for youth who missed the bus were provided
  • Provided toothpaste/brushes and other personal hygiene supplies to youth
  • Worked with area schools to assist in improving grades and behavioral issues of youth
  • Provided homework help
  • Gave out bibles to youth who needed them
  • Helped with clothing needs for children
  • Numerous one-on-one appointments with youth
  • 3,000 donuts were served at breakfast clubs
  • 5,000 muffins were served at breakfast clubs
  • Thousands of contacts made by staff to youth
  • Organized over 100 youth for many work projects, such as cleaning ditches and working at camp
  • Worked with 30 youth doing community service with court services
  • 900 different youth attended a program somewhere during the last year
  • 24 students participated in an art program
  • Leadership training held for interns
  • Over 100 volunteers put in 6,300 hours helping in the organization