Letter: President Trump and his seat belt

Published 7:34 pm Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Washington, D.C., laws state that all passengers in vehicles must wear a seatbelt or face a $50 fine. President Trump was not wearing a seatbelt in his limo when being interviewed by ABC News.

One would think the Republicans would tell Trump to wear his seatbelt for his own personal safety. But, they are all terrified of incurring the wrath of Trump and not getting re-elected.

The Democrats think this could be an impeachable offense. They need to seek the wisdom of the great and all powerful Speaker of the House. She tells them this seatbelt thing would be too divisive for our country. She does not know the country is already totally divided.

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The Democrats feel they must do something. They decide to call John Dean back before Congress. They want his historical perspective on this seatbelt thing.

Meanwhile, Trump finally gets out of office in 2024. Nancy Pelosi can finally get her revenge on Trump and get to him where it really hurts, in his pocketbook. He is taken to court and ordered to pay a $50 seatbelt fine.

John Wojszynski

Albert Lea