Editorial: Yes, we’re still playing Bing-Oh!

Published 7:07 pm Tuesday, July 2, 2019

If you are still checking the community pages for Bing-Oh! Spring numbers, you’re not alone.

We are almost three months into the game, which started April 10. While all 10 of our row winners have long since claimed their prizes, we are still playing for the blackout prize: $500 in Chamber Bucks.

A new number is announced on one of the community pages every day the Tribune is published, so keep an eye on your copy of the paper. To see past numbers, check the bulletin board in the Tribune’s front vestibule, which is updated daily. We cannot provide numbers over the phone.

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Those who would like to get in on the game still can by picking up a Bing-Oh! Spring card at the Tribune.

The Tribune will start a brand new game of Bing-Oh! this fall.