Blue Zones Project recognized for its efforts to improve the health of older adults

Published 9:20 pm Thursday, August 29, 2019

Tivity Health recognized Blue Zones Project Albert Lea at the 2019 Connectivity Summit on Rural Aging for extensive work to promote healthier aging and social connectivity for older adults.

According to a press release, Blue Zones Project Albert Lea is one of 19 organizations nationwide recognized for community-based programs that successfully promote healthier aging and social connectivity.

This year’s connectivity summit was focused on the conditions in which people live, work and age — also known as the social determinants of health — exploring how these factors impact the health of older Americans living in rural areas and solutions that can mitigate their impact.

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“At Tivity Health, we are committed to improving the lives of aging adults who live in rural communities,” Chief Executive Officer Donato Tramuto said. “This movement begins at the community level, and we congratulate our 2019 Community Connectivity Award recipients in this mission and thank them for all that they are doing to improve the quality of life for many older adults.”

The summit will be an incubator for collaboration among diverse stakeholders to evaluate existing models of success and to consider new opportunities to address social isolation and improve the well-being of rural seniors.

“Blue Zones Project Albert Lea’s focus on built environment, creating gathering places and nurturing social networks fosters an active and independent social life and allows our seniors to remain in the community as they age,” Blue Zones Project Albert Lea Organization Lead Ellen Kehr said.

The built environment Kehr speaks of is the human-made surroundings and layout in which community members live, including parks, streets and neighborhoods.

“We are honored to be included in these awards and will continue to work to enhance the lives of all our senior residents,” she said.

Blue Zones Project Albert Lea was recognized in the storybook “Aging Well in Rural America: A Collection of Stories from the Heartland,” highlighting 19 organizations around the country who embody the spirit of improving seniors’ lives in rural America.

Tivity Health is a provider of health improvement, nutrition, fitness and social engagement solutions at scale to improve clinical outcomes, reduce healthcare costs and create opportunities to feel better, work better and live better, the press release stated.