Letter: Trump is perhaps Christianity’s last hope for country

Published 9:03 pm Wednesday, September 11, 2019

It’s rare that I call anyone out for statements made in an editorial or column, but I decided to make an exception after reading Jennifer Vogt-Erickson’s column entitled “Trumps border policies are anti-Christian.”

I respect Jennifer as a writer, but we are political polar opposites. I have read Angie Hoffman’s comments and agree with her position.

I believe that President Trump is one of very few leaders in this country with the courage to stand up against the Democrat’s war on Christianity and God.

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I support Trump’s efforts to curb illegal immigration and to build a border wall. Even the Vatican has an impenetrable wall to keep undesirables out.

I fully support reforming America’s immigration laws in a manner that would provide for fair, legal immigration. I fully realize that any moment, “I could need a nightingale to wipe the drool off my chin and change my depends.” The odds are this person will be an immigrant. The Democrats in Congress steadfastly refuse to rewrite immigration laws. Their reluctance has nothing to do with Christianity.

I feel sorry for these unfortunates from around the world, but they are breaking the law. Where is the sympathy for this country’s veterans and mentally disturbed living on the streets? Who speaks for them?

America is considered a lucrative hunting ground by the criminal element coming from these countries. And why wouldn’t they with sanctuary cities providing protection and free legal consul for even the most vile criminals.

I have a number of questions that I would like Jennifer to answer.

Who is going to pay the bill for these illegals expecting free housing, free medical care and free education, as many on the left are proposing? Do you realize immigrants seeking amnesty receive more benefits than many of our Social Security recipients?

As a Christian, how can you support the liberal position on abortion up to and even after delivery when the Bible teaches us “all life is sacred?” Why are most of our Christian churches so quiet on this subject?

Do you support the long-term Democratic leadership in many of our cities, where the poor of all hues have no hope and are not much better off than the slaves of yesteryear?

What do you propose we do about America’s failing school systems, especially in Democratic-run inner cities?

Where do you stand on immigration from Muslim countries, knowing Islam’s goal is to destroy Christianity?

It’s time for everyone to realize that your party’s new leadership is determined to turn America into a socialist country? The only difference between socialism and communism is when someone is holding a gun at your head and you cannot fight back because your guns have been confiscated.

I firmly believe Trump was sent by God to keep America from self-destructing. Yes, he is far from perfect. Liberals need to realize as they cast stones, hell-bent on destroying him and this country’s sacred freedoms, that they are also destroying this country and its future.

Don Sorensen

Albert Lea