This Week in History: Several area fire departments responded to call

Published 6:43 pm Monday, September 16, 2019


Sept. 20, 1989: The Albert Lea Township, Emmons, Conger, Glenville and Twin Lakes fire departments responded to a fire at the former Kansota Farms, on Highway 65 one mile south of County Road 17. A building being used by a pallet company burned to the ground.

Sept. 18, 1989: The trial of 17-year-old David Francis Brom, charged with murdering his parents and two younger siblings in their exclusive Rochester home, was set to begin in Olmsted County Courthouse.

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Sept. 16, 1969: Edward Kuechenmister, who had been cited as the “oldest living newspaper editor in Minnesota” died at Park View Nursing Home of Wells. Kuechenmister was the former owner, editor and manager of the Wells Mirror.



2018: Emergency crews brought food and water to Wilmington, North Carolina, after the city of 120,000 people was cut off by flooding from Hurricane Florence; the death toll from the storm rose to at least 32.

2011: A demonstration calling itself Occupy Wall Street began in New York, prompting similar protests around the U.S. and the world.

2001: Six days after 9/11, stock prices nosedived but stopped short of collapse in an emotional, flag-waving reopening of Wall Street; the Dow Jones industrial average ended the day down 684.81 at 8,920.70.

1944: During World War II, Allied paratroopers launched Operation Market Garden, landing behind German lines in the Netherlands.

1939: The Soviet Union invaded Poland during World War II, more than two weeks after Nazi Germany had launched its assault.

1862: More than 3,600 men were killed in the Civil War Battle of Antietam.

1787: The Constitution of the United States was completed and signed by a majority of delegates attending the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.