Used car dealership owner facing new charges

Published 2:43 pm Monday, September 30, 2019

An Albert Lea used car dealership owner is facing new charges tied to alleged criminal sexual conduct with one of his customers.

Timothy Mann

Timothy Brian Mann, 44, was charged Friday with one count of attempted fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct, a gross misdemeanor, and one count of prostitution, a misdemeanor.

According to court records, the victim had purchased a truck from Mann’s dealership, Mann Motors, in July 2018 and in December bought a car from him. In March, she traded her car for a Jeep.

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“Victim stated that things were fine at first, but when she went to trade in her car for the Jeep, things began to get ‘weird.’”

She reportedly told police that on May 29 when she went to get her license plates from Mann at the dealership, he was with a customer outside and told the woman to wait inside.

When Mann came inside, he went into a small office and called the woman back there, stating that is where the plates were. The woman said when she went into the office, Mann allegedly had his pants and underwear down, stating, “Here’s your plates, but you have to do something for them.”

The woman said “no” and tried to grab the plates, but Mann reportedly kept trying to get her to do something for them. At one point, he reportedly grabbed the woman’s arm and tried to pull her down toward his groin area. She stated she received a bruise from the force he used to pull her down.

The victim stated she was saying, “no” and “stop” and that she just wanted her plates. She was able to twist out of his grasp, and Mann reportedly then gave her the plates and said, “sorry,” before she walked out and he followed.

She told police there was another instance in March that made her feel uncomfortable. She said she took the Jeep for a test drive, and Mann kept trying to get her to do things in a nonchalant way because he helped her get the Jeep. She said he would say she owed him for getting the Jeep and would allegedly look down at his crotch area while smiling. She said she interpreted this to mean he was asking for a sexual favor.

The woman said on June 21, she went to speak to Mann about the loan on her car. She said she recorded the interaction on her phone because she did not trust him after the previous situation.

Throughout the recording, Mann and the woman can be heard talking about the trade-in for the car, court documents stated, and the woman felt like she was ripped off.

At the end of the conversation, Mann could be heard on the recording saying he thought the woman owed him oral sex.

Mann is slated to make his first appearance on the charges Oct. 17.

He was charged in July with two counts of prostitution for allegedly offering to forgive a woman’s late car payments in exchange for sex acts. He pleaded not guilty to those counts last week in Freeborn County District Court.


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