Editorial: Thanks to all area farmers

Published 9:31 pm Monday, October 14, 2019

As fall settles in, that can only mean one thing for area farmers: It’s harvest season.

We take a minute to thank all of the famers in Freeborn County and the surrounding counties, who help drive the area’s economy and make sure we all have safe, healthy food to eat.

We celebrate the work of these farmers and for all that they do throughout the year.

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According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Minnesota is one of the country’s top agricultural states. There were an estimated 68,822 farms in the state in 2017, with the average farm size being 371 acres. The number of farms is decreasing, while the average size is increasing.

As farmers enter their busy season in the coming weeks, we ask you to do what you can to let them know they are appreciated.

Here are some things you can do to thank a farmer:

• Go to the farmers market or buy local produce whenever possible. Not only will this help support a farmer financially, but you’re also sure to have fresher produce that’s full of flavor.

• Join a local co-op that works with area farmers.

• Consider taking part in a community-supported agriculture program or veggie program, such as the one offered at Hilltop Greenhouse & Farm that allows you to purchase a share of the harvest at the farm and get weekly boxes of fresh produce.

• Help educate the children in the community about where the food we eat comes from.

• Share the road responsibly through the harvest season.