My Point of View: Feehan’s perspective needed in Washington

Published 10:24 pm Monday, October 21, 2019

My Point of View by Robin Brown

Robin Brown


On Oct. 6, my husband and I were excited to see Dan Feehan formally announce his intent to run for Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District. We had been hopeful that he, with the support of his wonderful family, would be willing to use his extraordinary talent in service of our district.

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Elections offer wonderful opportunities to become informed about each candidate and the qualities they will bring to their service. Elections give each of us a chance to re-visit and prioritize our values and select a candidate that represents the best in us.  This next election will be an election of choices — an election offering two very different candidates. Dan Feehan is clearly a person with the qualities to serve us well.

Dan grew up in southern Minnesota and his life has been defined by service. He completed two tours in Iraq and earned a Bronze Star while serving in the Army. He taught underserved students in public schools. Later, Dan worked in the Pentagon, where he ensured servicemembers were ready to fight when serving. And he worked to ensure our veterans could live fulfilling lives after their service.

Dan continues his life of service as he fights to improve our rural communities by working with organizations like the Farmers Union. Dan understands that agriculture is central to our traditions and way of life. That’s why Dan would push to support family farms, develop the next generation of farmers and promote practices that keep soil healthy and water clean. Dan knows that means a farm bill that protects farmers with crop insurance and incentivizes sustainability. He’d also fight for trade deals that benefited farmers here in southern Minnesota.

Dan believes in an economy where doors of opportunity are open to anyone willing to work hard. As Minnesotans compete in a 21st-century global economy, it is too easy for workers and families to be left behind. In Congress, Dan would back investments in infrastructure that promote southern Minnesota’s competitiveness, and support the businesses and entrepreneurs that create middle-class jobs right here. He’d also fight for trade deals that benefit our economy, workers and farmers. I know he’d stand up for an economy where workers can get ahead.

In Congress, Dan will work to make sure that health care is affordable for every Minnesotan who needs it. He wants to expand coverage for those who still fall through the cracks in our health care system, while strengthening the individual insurance markets that many southern Minnesotans rely on. In underserved rural communities, he’d work to expand health care access, and he’d fight to keep down the drug prices that strain families.

As a former public school teacher, Dan understands that strong schools are essential to nurturing our children and preparing them for the future. In Congress, he would make both early childhood and post-secondary education more affordable and accessible. He would work to strengthen K-12 school systems while supporting teachers. And as students face a fast-changing global economy, Dan would advocate for an education system that equipped students with the skills they need to hit the ground running when they enter the labor force.

In Dan’s career, when he wasn’t teaching, he was working to further America’s security. He knows firsthand the importance of a Congress that shapes America’s role in the world, checking the executive branch and supporting diplomats, servicemembers and veterans. Dan will work to tackle national security threats while keeping us out of unnecessary conflicts. He’ll promote diplomacy to address global challenges and keep us safe. And Dan will make sure we care for our veterans to honor their service to our nation.

Dan’s experiences — and the values they point to — show that Dan is a leader, a problem solver and the best choice to work for us. He’s seen how what happens in Washington matters for real people. But he also knows how to bring Americans from different backgrounds and points of view together to get things done. And he doesn’t take corporate PAC money, so he’d be accountable to constituents in Congress, not the special interests. At a time when politics seems ugly and divisive, I believe we need the perspective Dan brings in Washington.

Robin Brown is a member of the Freeborn County DFL Party and a former District 27A representative.